Subject Re: Events on Firebird 1.0 and IBX
Author jsbriantes <>
I've the hosts file complete with all ip's and names of equipment,
and It doesn't work. I can't register events on a Red Hat Linux 8.0
Server Machine with neither Firebird nor Interbase.

What can I do?

--- In, Jakub Czy┬┐kowski <kuba@s...> wrote:
> Hello,
> I use IBX and CBuilder, a tried to install Firebird for my
application (
> under Linux Debian),
> but these problem has occured:
> I use IBEvents, when I set
> TIBEvents->Registered = true
> then I got those message:
> "Cannot establish second connection for events processing"
> Why ?
> I don't use any firewall, proxy or somethig else. There is only
one net
> adapther on server.
> If I reinstall Firebird 1.0 to InterBase 6.0, everythig works OK.
So it's no
> problem with my net, but with FireBird or IBX.
> But on Firebird 1.0 under Linux, the server crashes. and hanging.
> Maybe this is problem with server configuration, or some firebird
> ?
> What should I do ?
> Kuba