Subject Events on Firebird 1.0 and IBX
Author Jakub Czy┼╝kowski
I use IBX and CBuilder, a tried to install Firebird for my application (
under Linux Debian),
but these problem has occured:

I use IBEvents, when I set
TIBEvents->Registered = true
then I got those message:
"Cannot establish second connection for events processing"

Why ?

I don't use any firewall, proxy or somethig else. There is only one net
adapther on server.

If I reinstall Firebird 1.0 to InterBase 6.0, everythig works OK. So it's no
problem with my net, but with FireBird or IBX.
But on Firebird 1.0 under Linux, the server crashes. and hanging.

Maybe this is problem with server configuration, or some firebird parameters

What should I do ?