Subject Re: [ib-support] Indexs!
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 11:25 AM 9/30/2002 -0400, Thomas Miller wrote:
>We currently write our software for Oracle and I am very familiar with
>how Oracle uses indecies for speed. We are currently converting our
>software to
>also run on FB.

Great! One step in the right direction.

>Back in the 5.x days of IB, I was told never to create indecies made up
>of multiple columns. Is that still true?

Never was. When you create multi-segment indexes, you should put the
least selective column(s) first, and the most selective last. That
will help compression, thus reduce the size of the index.

>Any other insights would also be welcome.

Be careful with foreign key constraints. They automatically create
indexes and some of those indexes are pretty dreadful. Consider that
you have a product that you sell to men, women, and dogs. You don't
want any children or cats as purchasers. So, you create a table of
customer types with three entries and a foreign key constraint that
insures that all customer records are associated with men, women, and
dogs. That creates an index on the customer record that contains only
three distinct values - it gets pretty slow when you have more than
a couple hundred thousand customers.

>When I create a primary key, the engine makes two indexes. One as a primary
>key and one that it not. They both are indecies of the primary key. Is
>this a bug?

Are you sure you didn't create the other index. Primary and
foreign key constraints automatically create indexes, so there
is no need to declare indexes on those columns.


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