Subject Events and 'none paged pool' memory
Author lseckde

I have the following problem:
Using Firebird and Windows 2000 SP1..3

If I use the Event mechanism of Interbase (ISC_QUEUE_EVENTS ..) , my
application uses 'none paged pool memory'.
As far as I found out now, it only happens if I use the TCP/IP Stack

I think this is an problem of Windows 2000 or the GDS32.dll using the
TCP/IP Stack in an unusual way.

By the way I'am sure that it is not my application that is allocating
the memory.

Has anybody encounter something similar and has an solution for that ?

While searching the web I found an similar known Problem with
Interbase 5.6 on Windows 95 (Consuming 'normal' memory).
The statement there was that there is an problem using the outofband
feature of TCP/IP on Windows.

Is this problem still there and know only using the none paged pool

An very dirty workaround is now to close the connection (that is used
for the event) to the database cyclic (memory is freed in that
moment), reconnect and fire all registerd events in this case, to be
sure there is none missed will connection is down.

Any help would be appreciated (and needed) :-)(


I have testet the following configurations:
Firebird, Interbase and 6.5
Windows 2000 SP 1..3
Windows NT4 SP6
With the same result

Am I the only person that is using event's? Or I 'm more stupid than
others, that only my Server crashes after 48 hours having no 'none
paged pool' left.