Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Record not found ???
Author Guillermo Najar-Arreola

I need to have 18 digits (or more) to strore a numeric ID derived from
GUIDs. That's why I picked Numeric(18,0) since the Integer type in Firebird
holds no more than 10 digits. Delphi converts by itself the Numeric(18,0)
Firebird Field into TFmtBCDField on SQLDataSet and ClientDataSet


"Helen Borrie" <helebor@...> escribi� en el mensaje
> At 05:20 PM 25-09-02 +0000, you wrote:
> >Thank you Thomas,
> >
> >Yes, by an email Martijn mentioned me that the driver should be ready
> >soon. My problem is that I'm kind of stucked in my project with this
> >Numeric(18,0)-FmtBCD issue, since all my Primary Keys in all tables
> >are of this type and with this problem. I had them DOUBLE PRECISION
> >before, but to avoid the precision or rounding problems I switched to
> >Numeric(18,0) which gets the GUID I generate from Delphi for every
> >record OID. Changing the OID type again would be painful...
> Guillermo,
> Why are you trying to make numeric(18,0) comply with BCD? With zero
> it is an integer (no precision for BCD to operate on).
> I'm curious. Maybe I'm just missing the point though.
> cheers,
> heLen
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