Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: MySQL vs Firebird - the slow decay
Author Riste Pejov
Well, if your one man marketing department is supporting customers, i
suppose he would be in the support department, or in the IT dept if he's
working on the ODBC driver. I don't understand how can the marketing dept be
support and IT development at the same time. Well from the need for
marketing we came to the point that you need better organization :).

FB is a great RDBMS, it has stability, speed,scalabillity it has history
too, but not many people in the world knows that.
Defeinitely most Open Source projects suffer from bad marketing and bad
organization ....

Hmmm how useful - sure we can create a marketing department, we sort - of
have one - but he's somewhat busy now - supporting customers, adding new
fixes to the ODBC driver, updating the website, commenting on the lists etc.
However - marketing people don't directly generate income and since
marketing typically eats money and resources without generating directly
tangible results, I think we skip the hiring of half a dozen marketing
people for the time being.

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