Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: MySQL vs Firebird - the slow decay
Author Pavel Cisar

On 24 Sep 2002 at 18:51, Andrew wrote:

> Hold the phone! Where are these stats coming from? I've scoured the
> net for weeks trying to find these kinds of stats to no avail. I
> might have been able to keep MSSQL Server off my back if I'd had
> figures like these when I was doing my almost big IB project.

Informed guess, based on number of downloads from main sources, percent
of Delphi users using FB in community, typical applications, some
knowledge of big IB VARs, guess on IB OE/FB download to installation
ratio, observations of Delphi and InterBase/Firebird community for
several years and a crystal ball. It's definitely a rough value, but it's
definitely not out of reality. It's hard to count as guessing how many
computers run Linux.

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