Subject Re: MySQL vs Firebird - the slow decay
Author Andrew
--- In ib-support@y..., "Pavel Cisar" <pcisar@i...> wrote:
> Andrew,
> It seems that you are too new to InterBase/Firebird block :-) IB is
> known among Delphi users, and enjoyed (in Firebird's incarnation)
the big
> boom for last two years.

I've been with FB for almost a year -- started around RC1. I think I
have a pretty good handle on what FB can and can't do.

Your comments are spot on, and I appreciate your cutting through the
FUD. Desktop -- absolutely, who is using MySQL that way? (mind you,
it's still a good choice for lightweight stuff). But web content
is 'the' thing and will stay the big thing for the next five years.
FB needs to get on that bandwagon. I tried porting NukePHP until I
realized that the data-abstraction layer meant nothing when applied
to Interbase -- it would have required a full rewrite. (not to
mention NukePHP's appalling schema.) Better to start from scratch
using a better foundation like NukePHP or PHPBB2. Another part of
the reason I stopped was: why port to IB when MySQL does all you need
for most web CMSs, and it's up'n running OOTB with oodles of PHP apps
ready and waiting? But a killer PHP-Interbase app sounds very, very
good and is sorely needed.

***The Firebird/IB OE installed base is now
> estimated around one million servers running world-wide! Far far
> that five years ago. But the majority is on windows and many from
that in
> personal / single user environment, that's far away from other Open
> Source contenders and users ***

Hold the phone! Where are these stats coming from? I've scoured the
net for weeks trying to find these kinds of stats to no avail. I
might have been able to keep MSSQL Server off my back if I'd had
figures like these when I was doing my almost big IB project.

***But FB is a live and well., and with bright
> future at least in its dominion (Windows & Delphi).***

As simple as it is, Pavel, that kind of assessment actually cheers me
up a little.