Subject Re: [ib-support] MySQL vs Firebird - the slow decay
Author Rich Pinder
I volunteered to do an Apache / FB / Python / Kinterbasedb / SuSE demo at an upcoming LUG here in Southern
California. Agree that LUGS can help....

But press + trade pubs + mainstream exposure still are biggies...


> So, I think the best option in our loved Firebird community are LUGs. I have a
> server, running Debian Linux with Apache, Php, Firebird, etc. I also have
> another server running Zope with Firebird access. I can, for instance, host a
> site (my bandwidth is very poor, but it would be a place where to start) and
> I will also publish my current project with Apache + Php + Firebird as GPL as
> soon as it's finished (in a very few weeks), so that people can "learn" from
> that. But I cannot do anything else right now (I could code later next year,
> or help on updating docs). Anyway, I think LUGs and support communities
> (portals) are the best way.