Subject Res: Re: [ib-support] MySQL vs Firebird - the slow decay
Author Paulo Vaz
Its just about this I talking about:

We trying to do EXACTALY this with CFLP, a Firebird Spoken Portuguese
If somedody here talk or read portuguese will see this in our rules and
objectives announced in our web site. We don't want to make money for us, in
first place just for Firebird growth. Each of us have your own bussiness,
this is for help Firebird. The consequence, I guess, will be good for all.
Because WE USE Firebird, and if Firebird became popular, our products will
be popular too.

Paul, did you read our rules to send this suggestion ? ;-)

Again I repeat, talkin for CFLP: Stand by me.

Paulo Vaz

>It really needs a marketing and PR group, run by someone that has been
>authorization by the FB community to tell the world about it. This might
be an >excellent opportunity for those who don't know C/C++ to contribute.
A higher
>profile, might bring in more contributors, and possibly more resources.

>Firebird also needs a funding group, I know that IBPhoenix has the CD, and
>are some other resources, but maybe Firebird needs to be spun-off into a
>entity, one which would use proceeds from CD and printed documentation sets

>sales, and donations, to contract some development, issue press releases,
and do
>other such stuff. This would give us another advantage, who is behind
>Firebird, why
>The Firebird Project Inc.

> Items 1 and 3 could change. Firebird V2 could trigger that. It would
> be terrific to see it happen. Do I believe it will happen? No. If I
> had to map out a timeline from this point on, it would show Firebird
> users dropping off until it became one of those fond memories and
> slight regrets about "if only...".

> Am I griping? You better believe it. I don't want MySQL to outshine
> Firebird! When I found Firebird, It gave me one of those huge jolts
> of enthusiasm and excitement that comes only a couple of times a year
> (if you are lucky). Over the past year, that excitement has faded,
> along with my hopes for what Firebird would become. In my own blunt
> way I tried to find others who retained some form of passion, others
> who would want to get some kind of strategy together to promote
> Firebird as the smart alternative to MySQL or (cough) Postgre or...
> well, there are no other serious contenders. My IBDI posts and ideas
> met with silence.
> It seems nobody is interested in getting Firebird hyped. Can you
> imagine the Firebird team making a news release like that MySQL link
> at the top? Of course not. What news outlet cares about Firebird?
> But MySQL... now that's a story with buzz. And that's exactly what
> crushes my hope for Firebird's future.
> MySQL is what Firebird could have been -- could still be? -- a hugely
> successful opensource juggernaut. But there I go again, getting crazy
> ideas about Firebird becoming a player instead of a 'best kept
> secret'.
> And if you're wondering, yes, I'm still bitter about having my
> Firebird project canned in favour of MS SQL Server. I like to think
> of my grudges as my special children, and nuture them accordingly.
> Regards,
> Andrew Ferguson
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