Subject Win XP and TCP/IP protocol, how to get 20% more network speed
Author Achim Kaiser
Hi all,

the most recommended protocoll for firebird is tcp/ip.

With WinXP MS introduced a new service called "Quality of Service" (QoS).
This new service cuts off 20% of the bandwith for system-services,
videoconferences, Net-Framework etc. and slows down the tcp/ip traffic.

Even if you did not aktivate or configure the service the OS-defaults
cut off 20%. This seems to be the new system-defaults

One way to get rid of this service (names from the german-version of XP) :

Start the *Gruppenrichtlinen-Editor* (gpedit.msc)

go to "Richtlinen für Lokaler Computer/Adminstartive Vorlagen/Netzwerk"
to *QoS Paketplaner", open "Reservierbare Bandbreite einschränken",
In the register *Einstellung" *aktivate* the setting and set the
*Bandbreitenlimit* to 0.

With this settings you get back the reserved 20% bandwith.

It should be easy to translate the names to the english version of WinXP
and test this behaviour.
I do not know if there are similar settings in Win2k.
Can somebody check this out ?

If XP-users can confirm this behaviour it should be documented in the
release notes to speed up firebird under Win XP.


Achim KAiser

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