Subject SQL Links problem - Translate error
Author Paul Hope

Sorry to bother you with a problem with ancient technology but I have a
problem I need to resolve.

I have just had to rebuild my system after a hard drive failure and have
installed D5 ent update1, D6 ent sp2, BDE511. I have IB5.6 on the server
and gds32.dll version IB 5.1.1.

Some of my apps still use the BDE to access Interbase - I have the error
'Translate Error. Value out of bounds'
whenever a TQuery has a date parameter.

The error occurs in both D5 or D6. I have a vague recollection that there
is a problem with SQLINT32.dll but can't remember any more than that - and
can't find anything on the net.

Help would be very much appreciated