Subject Re: [ib-support] Digest Number 1027
Author Jaume Andreu Sabater Malondra
On Thursday 19 September 2002 15:13, A6-CMO Philippe Makowski wrote:

> Can you tell me what debian package you have installed ?
> whith which command ?
> (I'm new to Debian)

As root on a Debian Sid box:

- First: apt-cache search firebird |sort
- Second: choose you architecture
- Third (assume superserver): apt-get install firebird-dev firebird-doc
firebird-examples firebird-s32-server firebird-server-common firebird-utils

- Enjoy the best opensource, free database on the best version of the best
operating system in the world ;-)

P.S: you may not need all those packages (for instance, firebird-dev if you
are not going to compile anything)

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