Subject Re: Can't connect with Zebedee
Author alaskadin
Problem found, it's the port number. I changed the way zebedee is
started on the client, from:

zebedee 3051:WEBGAPAX:3050


zebedee 3050:WEBGAPAX:3050

And this solved the problem. Because the client port is now 3050,
(IB/FB default port), this number doesn't need to be in the
connection string anymore, making it
simpler: "localhost:/path/to/mydatabase.gdb"

BTW, benchmarks show very good results thanks to the compression.
Zebedee is THE BOMB ;-)


-Al Din

keywords: zebedee compression wan

> Hi there,
> I having a hard time trying to use Zebedee with Firebird. I'm
> following the instructions on the tutorial by Artur Anjos, but
> can't connect. Here's what I am doing:
> On the server:
> zedebee -s localhost:3050
> On the client:
> zebedee 3051:WEBGAPAX:3050
> zebedee response: Listening on localport 3051
> Next I try to connect with IBExpert and got this message:
> Attempting to connect to:
> LOCALHOST/3051:/opt/interbase/examples/employee.gdb
> Connecting... Failed!
> ------------------------------------
> Unable to complete network request to host "LOCALHOST".
> Failed to locate host machine.
> Undefined service 3051/tcp.