Subject Not connecting to Win2K machine
Author Ryan Nilsson-Harding
Hi there,

I'm having problems connecting to a Win2K machine on my network.
After 6 minutes (almost exactly) of nothing happening, I get the
ISC ERROR CODE:335544721

Unable to complete network request to host "XXX".
Failed to establish a connection.
I can definately see this pc. I also can connect successfully to
other Win98 machines on the same network.
In the log file on the Win2K pc, it has the entry:
XXX (Server) Tue Sep 17 11:59:00 2002
INET/inet_error: read errno = 10061
twice for every timw I've tried to connect.

Someone suggested elsewhere this may be because:
a) FB not installed (which it is)
b) FB not started (which it is)
c) Not listening on port 3050.
I have not tampered with the services file, or any port mappings,
and as far as I know, FB listens by default to port 3050.

As I said, the connection works fine on the Win98 pc's, but not on
the Win2K.
Any info greatly appreciated