Subject Re: [ib-support] Adding index does nothing to select disctinct
Author Thomas Miller
It seems that there is a lot of thread float in this one. I think
another person
already mentioned that if he where to move Jobs into one file, and duplicate
information into another (setting up a one to many), that would be a better
database design and would remove the need for this DISTINCT query.

I agree, but in the mean time, he still has his problem :-) .

lester@... wrote:

>>What does this have to do with his problem???
>Why is DISTINCT required was my original question.
>OK making DISTINCT faster is one way of solving a speed
>problem, but other simple changes to the way of working will
>give even better performance improvements.
>There is usually more than one way of fixing a problem, and
>I like to try the alternatives rather than living with slow
>performance because I got the original design wrong. I have
>been there with job numbers and am just proposing an
>alternative approach.

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