Subject RE: [ib-support] SQL: Number of entries per day
Author Alan McDonald
select f_dayofmonth(ts), count(*) entries from table1 group by
f_dayofmonth(ts) having entries>0
not sure if the group by will work on function
but you even if it does - how do you want the days to be separated across
months and years? you surely don't want all 1st's of the month to be
totalled together?
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Subject: [ib-support] SQL: Number of entries per day


I have a table defined as:

ID integer
ts timestamp
desc varchar(100)

Is it possible with one query to retrieve the number of entries per
day? I assume you would need to cast the timestamp to an integer(?)
and then do some sort of group by.

Ideally, I need the results in the following format:

timestamp, count of entries that day.

preferably with no row returned for days with no entries.



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