Subject Re: [ib-support] Delphi 3 component for Interbase Service API Need
Author Theo Bebekis

> Isthere a component or unit accessing the Interbase Services API for
> Delphi 3?

I have just finished (this weekend) coding some components
for dealing with Services API. I do it in my spare time...

I have covered all the action items the service manager supports
except of those two dealing with software activation certificates.

The code is not thoroughly tested though. In fact the limbo transaction
resolution code is not tested at all. You may give it a try.

It is not Delphi 3 code; I use Delphi 6 but the only (I'm not sure on that)
Delphi 6 specific feature it utilizes is the overload directive, so
I think it would be easy to convert it

I don't know where to upload my code. I think is a good place
but if ibphoenix has a place for it I'll be more than glad.


PS. I think I'll continue playing with the API and write some dataset
components as well
Theo Bebekis
Thessaloniki, Greece