Subject Re: [ib-support] Tool for Recreating indexes
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Guido,

guido.klapperich@... wrote:
>>Alternatively, you can easily do it yourself too.
>>select 'set statistics index ' || rdb$index_name || ';'
>>from rdb$indices
> Great, do you know perhaps why I can't execute this statement in a IB_Query ?
> I get alway 'Field: not found'.
> Guido

i guess what Martijn meant here (correct me if i'm wrong) was that this select
returns a script as a result set, which you can pump line-by-line into a
tib_script and execute that. (similar to what i suggested in the german ng)

[you'll need a tIB_Script for this; since there's many SQL statements in there
(not just one) a IB_Query won't work. this could cause your error, or maybe a
hassle with ' and " in Delphi...]

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