Subject Re: [ib-support] "Borland dropped Interbase"
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi Mark,

Complete rubbish! Unless it must have changed overnight...

Borland stated that IB7 - with multi cpu support, internal monitoring,
safe client and some more, will be released this year.

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Martijn Tonies
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> This is moer on that longevity of Firebird thread that I started a week or
> ago. The consultant who was uncertain about us relying on Firebird threw
in the
> comment at the meeting that Borland has stopped development of Interbase.
> anyone know why Borland would give it away? Was it losing them money? I
have the
> impression that interbase 6.5 is a development since they gave away the
> which would indicate the opposite. It's a confusing but fascinating
> regards,
> Mark