Subject Re: [ib-support] "Borland dropped Interbase"
> This is moer on that longevity of Firebird thread that I started a week or so
> ago. The consultant who was uncertain about us relying on Firebird threw in the
> comment at the meeting that Borland has stopped development of Interbase. Doesn
> anyone know why Borland would give it away? Was it losing them money? I have the
> impression that interbase 6.5 is a development since they gave away the code,
> which would indicate the opposite. It's a confusing but fascinating picture.

I think we all are <g>

The bottom line is that we ALL had the shock of Borland
killing Interbase in 1999 - Firebird is the result and has
NO links to Borland that will result in any further

If I was using Interbase NOW I would still be worried, but
Firebird stands on it's own and you can rest easy in that

The Borland Accountants did seem to realise that they had
made a mistake trying to kill Interbase ( They did not even
know they had it for some time after taking over Ashton-Tate
<g> ), and have tried to back-peddle, but I think that was
too little to late. Firebird is here to stay.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services