Subject Re: [ib-support] Any dates for alpha 1.5?
Author Mark Patterson
Pavel Cisar wrote:
> Hi,

> Mea culpa, I'll do something about this, but time is always a constraint
> here. We planned to run fb-devel monthly/weekly digests in Linux Kernel
> Cousin (discussion threads summary by Zack Brown) style for long time,
> but more important thing always appeared.

I don't want to take your attention away from actual development! But a line or
two a week would give some ammuntition against the idea that Firebird is a
minority thing with an uncertain future.

> firebird-devel mailing list (or newsgroup mirror at Atkin). You'll be
> right in the centre of all developments, and you'll probably learn more
> that you ever want to know :-)

I've subscribed to that on Atkin, thanks.

>>What does ODS mean?
> On Disk Structure of database (system tables, triggers etc.)


== Mark