Subject Re: [ib-support] FireBird
Author Boguslaw Brandys

> I am looking for a lightweight, sql-compatible, java-compatible database
> port a dotnet app to the Macintosh platform, since many of my potential
> users are Mac fanatics. The application is a full-text search program
> against a corpus of early medieval texts (see for
> details if you're interested in this sort of thing.)

If it is single-user lightweight system in Java then FireBird is not for
You. Look for hsqldb (small database in pure java) or sqlite (small database
in C++ library).
It is not against Firebird - it's becouse You don't need such power ! (to
cross the street you won't use tank ;-) )

Best Regards
Boguslaw Brandys

> FireBird has been recommended to me as a possiblity, and I'd like to get
> more details on what is involved in installing FB onto a Macintosh.
> By "lighweight", I mean:
> (1) the database engine does not have to run as a background service on
> deployment PC
> (2) the db will allow me to ship a pre-built data structure contained in a
> few files that can live in the same folder; there will be no need to
> the database as part of the installation and no need to go looking in many
> places for pieces of the installed package
> (3) I won't have to write an installation program but can tell the user to
> copy the files to a folder and away they go...
> By SQL compatible I mean that the database understands the full range of
> ANSI SQL -92 syntax.
> Does FB meet my personal definition of lightweight and SQL compatibility?
> Thanks for the info!
> Tim
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