Subject Re: R: [ib-support] Interbase 5.6 and Firebird 1.0 on the samemachine
Author Raymond Kennington
One of the possibilities for FB 1.5 is that it will run simultaneously with IB.

Work has begun on it, but there are no guarantees about any date that it might be ready.

The answer I received was: Almost certainly by April 2003.

Another got an answer something like: hopefully by the end of the year.

As the primer purpose of FB1.5 is to convert to C++, my guess is that this has low
priority and one shouldn't bank it being available any time soon.

I've (metaphorically and literally) banked on it being available by the time my client
will distribute my app, which will be ready in 2nd Qtr 2003.

Raymond Kennington