Subject Re: [ib-support] Using users
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Stephen,

Stevio wrote:
> I'm using Firebird 0.94 and IBConsole.
> I have the one main user, SYSDBA, and I created another new user.
> This user however does not have permission to access the tables of my
> database. Can I grant permission through IBConsole or another db utility? Or
> do I need to use SQL commands to do this?
> Stephen

well... yes, you need SQL commands. What the tools do that let you GRANT via
some kind of GUI is that they put together the appropriate SQL commands in the
background and send that off to the server, so sooner or later it'll have to be
SQL. IBWorkBench and IBExpert for example both have nice GUIs that let you do
just that.

for the SQL: i wrote a little tool some time ago that can take the pain out of
hand-writing all those GRANT statements, it's free with sources and can be
downloaded from This is nothing
but a simple SQL script generator.

If you need something more advanced (that is, true management of user
permissions), there are commercial tools around, e.g. InterBase Grant Manager
(haven't tried it myself, though...)

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