Subject Re: [ib-support] TIBQuery always return a read only resultset ?
Author Woody
From: "Dennis Cons" <justdennis@...>
> I have just moved from BDE to the IBX componet set in Delphi.
> I need to insert a blob, which I have previously done by getting a BDE
> resultset into insert mode (requestlive = true and open a select) , then
> using
> TBlobField(MyTfield).LoadFromStream(Stream) ......setting the TField
> With TIBQUERY, I cannot get past "read only dataset"...trying to use
> .INSERT or .EDIT methods , so I can set the Tfields and then POST.

This is a Borland Delphi related question and therefore should be asked in
borland.public.delphi.interbase.interbaseexpress newsgroup.

However, to answer your quesion, the IBQuery is a read-only dataset and can
only be used for editing, inserting, deleting if used in conjunction with an
IBUpdateSQL component. Otherwise, use the IBDataset component which let's
you specify all the select, insert, delete, modify and refresh queries in
one component.

Woody (TMW)

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