Subject [total newbie] How to connect from VB/PB?
Author edward_van_h2002

I'm no expert on DBMS's and am currently checking out different
open-source solutions, including FireBird Interbase in an all-Windows

I'd like to connect to a DBMS server from either a Visual Basic or
PowerBasic client application, but am a bit lost at the terms
involved: ODBC, ADO/OLEDB, DAO, etc.

Could a kind soul tell me _exactly_ what I should install on the
client side? Interbase client + ODBC, Interbase client + ADO/OLEDB,
DBE + ODBC, etc. ?

Finally, since I'm checking out open-source solutions, I'd rather use
an open-source client instead of having to buy proprietary,
commercial middleware for the client side.

Thx much