Subject RE: [ib-support] Updating a database schema on a client site
I 've a similar problem, but with 150 clients with thein own database.
This is my solution: main program has a version number, database
contains a table VERSIONDB with a list of "operation" ( alter table,
create index,ecc..).
During upgrade client download main program and a text file with a
structure similar to VERSIONDB. At first run, main program update
VERSIONDB with textfile, and execute only new "operation" to get
database in sync with main program.
I don't know if this is the "standard" answer, but it work.

P.S. ( I' dont' use stored procedure ... )


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Subject: [ib-support] Updating a database schema on a client site


I'm developing an application and a client is currently running the beta
(alpha) release. In the meantime, I'm continuing to develop the
and (slightly) changing the database structure. What's the best way off
making those database changes to the client's database whilst retaining
their data?

I've thought of comparing the two database structures and creating an
script containing a lot of ALTER statements (time consuming) or writing
application to extract their current data and pump it into a new
Can any of these two options be automated?

I would have thought that this is a common problem, what's the standard
answer? ;-)