Subject ANN: Portuguese-Spoken Firebird Community
Author Artur Anjos
Hi All

I'm very proud to announce the "birth" of the Portuguese-Spoken Firebird
Community (CFLP - Comunidade Firebird de LĂ­ngua Portuguesa).

There are a large number of developers working with Firebird that have
Portuguese as native language.

This newborn project joins together the work of 27 persons, in Portugal in
Brazil. The main goals are:

- Promote and Marketing Firebird;
- Join in a unique place all portuguese-spoken developers that use Firebird;
- Be the most valuable Firebird portuguese-spoken resource;
- Increase the availability of tech info in portuguese language;
- Help developers to convert applications to Firebird;
- Give visibility to commercial applications "powered by" Firebird;
- Promote companies and individuals that give tech support to Firebird

All the information in the site is available for free.

We think that this project brings much value to the Firebird Project:

This is a project started not by an individual, but by an initial team of 27
people. And we are committed not just on technical resources, but in
strongly promote Firebird in commercial applications.

If you speak Portuguese, join us at:

If you don't speak portuguese, we hope that our initiative could incentive
other developers to join efforts to make Firebird to get on the top of the
list in the RDBMS world.

We already contact directly many people here to get author permissions to
translate to Portuguese technical documents. This is the time to say: 'Muito

Artur Anjos
Speaking for CFLP