Subject Re: Granting Rights to Roles does not work in Firebird
Author mydejamail
I managed to sort out the problem.

It seems that Interbase Workbench and IBOConsole do not
work as well as ISQL. I do not really know why.

Some of the commands work after I commit with Interbase Workbench
and IBOConsole, but some too do not work at all, whereas they are
okay with ISQL

As I am planning to use IBObjects in an application I wonder whether
everything will run smoothly, and how I will have to set things up
if commands are going to be as reliable as ISQL.

This brings me to another problem I found.

After granting table rights to a role 'WITH GRANT OPTION' a user
to the role cannot grant rights that are supposed to go with the role,
even though the user logged on with the role.

The following error appears:

SC ERROR CODE:335544351

unsuccessful metadata update
no S privilege with grant option on table/view AFCREDIT


Is this a known bug or feature?

--- In ib-support@y..., "mydejamail" <mydejamail@y...> wrote:
> When I try to grant rights to roles in Firebird, nothing happens.
> In some cases the SQL statement to grant the right seems to execute
> normally, but after checking for the rights, nothing seems to be
> updated.
> In some cases I get an error stating that the role does not exist.
> In others I get the error that the action is not permissible on
> system tables.
> Using the WITH GRANT OPTION also gives a syntax error.
> Can anyone show me a working example or is my version of Firebird,
> Win32 simply buggy?