Subject Re: [ib-support] Limbo transaction recovery documentation?
Author Theo Bebekis

> The services api was only introduced with InterBase 6. I would hope that
> the developer of the Delphi services unit was well-informed about the
> internals as there would have been no documentation available to him at
> the time. But as the developer had been hired by Borland he would have
> had access to the engine developers, otherwise he would not have been
> able to complete his work.

That explains many things...

> Which documentation set do you have, btw? The widely available beta set
> is rather unreliable when it comes to new features. I haven't seen the
> official set that ships with the IB6.0 media kit, so I can't comment on
> whether it is any better.

I use the one that came with the open sourced IB6.0 .
Is there a newer version?

> In this instance you probably have to look at the source. The
> documentation is incomplete and very few users working at the api level
> will have ever tested this part of the services api against the engine.

So, I guess I have to wait until the point/day I'll become able to
produce a limbo transaction ;-) using my own transaction classes
in order to apply the old "try and error" method to find out
what is legal and what is not.

many thanks for the answer, Paul


Theo Bebekis
Thessaloniki, Greece