Subject Limbo transaction recovery documentation?
Author Theo Bebekis

I'm trying to figure out how to call the various services
and I'm confused and dissapointed in many ways. And since
the documentation is buggy enough there is no secure guide
for me, alas!

There are some instructions on how to attempt
database maintenance in the API Guide, page 213,
where the various cluster IDs are listed.

The main cluster ID is isc_action_svc_repair
and then one should pass some sub-task IDs
such as isc_spb_rpr_kill_shadows or isc_spb_rpr_sweep_db.

The problem is that the limbo trancaction recovery
cluster ID (isc_spb_rpr_list_limbo_trans)
is missing from the document.
Actually there is not a single reference to it
in the whole set of the documentation .pdfs

Searching the IBX Services code I found that
that cluster ID is in use by that code.
Where that came from, I said.

Someone in this list responding to
a message said that is almost distortion to
start digging at the source code of Interbase
in order to find some clues and in fact
developers were using the API for decades
without the luxury of the source code.

I don't think the above is true for all the cases.
Judging from the Services unit that comes with Delphi,
and comparing that code to what the documentation says,
it seems that at least the coder of that Services unit
is very-very well informed about the internals of the
engine by a very reliable source. It's not fair.

For example, the API guide (page 215) says that
the cluster isc_spb_tra_id shuld precede a
limbo transaction ID passed to the service for
resolving. Well the coder of the unit does not
follow that instruction. What should I do?


Theo Bebekis
Thessaloniki, Greece