Subject Error "File some_file_name.gbk is not a valid database"
Author Theo Bebekis

API Guide, page 208, Services API restore arguments,
TABLE 12. 4 Services API database restore arguments

"The path of the backup file name"

"Path of the primary file of the database, from the
server's point of view; you can specify multiple
database files"

(It is valid to specify multiple backup file names
although it is not written here. Is this a documentation

As I understand the above I think I should pass as
isc_spb_dbname, some_file_name.gdb and as
isc_spb_bkp_file, some_file_name.gbk

Well, if I do that I take the error message
"File some_file_name.gbk is not a valid database"

If I pass backup file names to isc_spb_dbname
and database file names to isc_spb_bkp_file
then everything goes fine. Any clue?

It's getting worst. If I have a isc_spb_res_page_size
defined, say 8192. Then I get the error message
"page size is allowed only on restore or create"
no matter where I pass the file names.

Well, I'm attempting a restore and I have defined the
action identifier as isc_action_svc_restore, for sure.
Any other explanation?

(The above behavior is the same either using IBX
or my newly coded service classes)

Theo Bebekis
Thessaloniki, Greece