Subject Re: Order by Going wrong
Author rogervellacott
Is this an ambiguity problem? Are you using IB or an earlier verion
of FB? Firebird 1.0 would not allow this query, and would report an
ambiguity problem on the Order by fields. I moaned like hell about
this new feature at the time because it broke some older apps, but
maybe it was a good idea!!!

Roger Vellacott
Passfield Data Systems

--- In ib-support@y..., "rodbracher" <rod@m...> wrote:
> In my app I have the query : ( invoice actually a param )
> SELECT waybill.waybill, waybill.waydate, ETC
> FROM waybill
> LEFT OUTER JOIN place ON (waybill.destplace =
> LEFT OUTER JOIN pod ON (waybill.waybill = pod.waybill)
> WHERE invoice = 65259
> ORDER BY waydate, waybill
> This invoice all records have the same waydate - so you would
> the waybill ( unique no ) to be in seq order. But they come out in
> what seems to be random order. In IBConsole the waybill order is
> same ( random ) order. So I change the Order By to be :
> ORDER BY waybill.waydate, waybill.waybill
> And it works ! I assume a muddle with pod.waybill or something.
> BUT : running through the app (D5 IBO 4) the same old random order
> comes out.
> Any thoughts ???
> Thanks
> Rod