Subject Order by Going wrong
Author rodbracher
In my app I have the query : ( invoice actually a param )

SELECT waybill.waybill, waybill.waydate, ETC
FROM waybill
LEFT OUTER JOIN place ON (waybill.destplace =
LEFT OUTER JOIN pod ON (waybill.waybill = pod.waybill)

WHERE invoice = 65259

ORDER BY waydate, waybill

This invoice all records have the same waydate - so you would expect
the waybill ( unique no ) to be in seq order. But they come out in
what seems to be random order. In IBConsole the waybill order is the
same ( random ) order. So I change the Order By to be :

ORDER BY waybill.waydate, waybill.waybill

And it works ! I assume a muddle with pod.waybill or something.

BUT : running through the app (D5 IBO 4) the same old random order
comes out.

Any thoughts ???