Subject Re: [ib-support] load map of gds32.dll
Author Theo Bebekis

I'm currently writing some Delphi classes in my spare time,
using interbase api, just for learning things better.

I've a database and some service classes coded
so far and all works fine.

I took _ApiGuide.pdf_ as my guide and I can say that
although not all instructions are clear enough, still the document
is the biggest help. I believe you should read that doc first.

> I use an IBPhoenix Document - Programming with the Interbase API, which
> has a Pascal example. In procedure ready_statement isc_dsql_prepare() is

That document is a great introduction (thanks to Bernard Wheeler) into
Interbase API programming and the same is true for the
"Writing to the InterBase API using Delphi" by Greg Deatz (many-many thanks)
but the real meat resides into the ApiGuide.pdf

Also I believe that FreeIBComponents from
(I like the new look of the site) and Interbase components that
comes with Delphi is a great-great help. They provide a
working object pascal example. What is better than that?

Also you may take a look at IBPP Lib at
" IBPP is -- yet another -- C++ client class library for FireBird (and Interbase) "
and since you can code in C it's easy to navigate into the IBPP sources.
I like IBPP for its design and simpicity. For me IBPP was the greatest help of all.

Best regards and good luck

Theo Bebekis
Thessaloniki, Greece