Subject load map of gds32.dll
Author Dieter Raith
I get a Exception EAccessviolation in gds32.dll using API call
I would like to have a load map i.e. for build 796 to find out where the
error is located. If I take the export list of gds32.dll it seem to be
in isc_to_sqlda()

I use an IBPhoenix Document - Programming with the Interbase API, which
has a Pascal example. In procedure ready_statement isc_dsql_prepare() is
called. The pointer to the XSQLDA is set to NIL.
Everyone can imagine what happens if that pointer is used. If my above
asumption is true that the error happens in isc_to_sqlda it is illegal
to set this pointer to NIL! In this case the example is wrong!
It is also very difficult to find the right place in the source code.
Plenty defines entry point mapping etc etc do not help an ordinary user.
I hope GDS_DSQL_PREPARE() is the right place to look.

Maybe someone experienced can tell me, if NIL is valid for a XSQLDA
pointer. Otherwise I have to supply the structure and point to it.