Subject isc_dsql_prepare()
Author dieterraith
Recently I started using the interbase6 api in a Dephi consol program.
I use the unit IBASE.PAS (equivalent to ibase.h). This in general
works fine. The first api call I used was isc_expand_dbp and did not
manage to
get it work. Finally I tokk a look into the source an found that it
could not work in the way it was described in the api manual. So I built
the dpb in a local PASCAL routine. Until now I sucessfully use

using isc_dsql_prepare I get a
Exception EAccessViolation in gds32.dll
The address that could not be read is 0001

I tried a lot without success. Then I tried to find the source code
of that function in the source packet Firebird-
It is rather complicated for me. I can program in C but I am not
experienced in all the macros, definitions and all the stuff that
you have to know.
Can someone help me find the function source code. I also would
be interested to learn how I can debug my program to find out
the problem.

Thank you