Subject Re: [ib-support] Longevity of firebird / Interbase
Author Thomas Miller
I understand your concerns. I have been thinking about dropping FB
support myself.

The engine is great. I believe the engine will be around for a long
time. Data access is
somewhat proprietary. There isn't an open ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, or dbExpress
driver. (Yes I am going to get flamed).

Once these drivers are complete and /*very */stable, you are going to
have one hell of a
database that will be around for a long time. These are some commercial
ones available,
but you don't know if they are going to be around for ever or not. Open
will be.

Your issues with Quick Reports is different. It was good and
propriatary. This is
a best of breed product that is open source.

Now that there is a dbExpress driver in development, we plan on sticking
Firebird with the hope that all the drivers mentioned above eventually
get developed
as open source.

M Patterson (Multinail) wrote:

>We ust had a strategy meeting with a consultant today. We've adopted firebird
>for out factory management system, and he was suggesting that because it is only
>little known we should find something with a more stable future.
>So, after the meeting I looked up the Powered by pages on the IBPhoenix site,
>and well, they don't seem to have changed much, and a number of the links were
>broken. Hmmm..
>But does any one have any stats about the uptake and support of firebird? And
>how big and active is the development team?
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