Subject Sidetrack was Re: [ib-support] Longevity of firebird / Interbase
This is a different matter

Jaume Andreu Sabater Malondra wrote:
> On Wednesday 04 September 2002 11:40, lester@... wrote:
> > I ask again, what else do you need from Firebird?

This was refering to the Longevity of Firebird - we have a
stable product now.

> I would like to be able to use input parameters in a stored procedure as
> SELECT fields. I mean, something like this:

Personally I don't use the FIRST at all as yet, so I still
use the older methods of controlling this, which do work
with parameters. That is I use the WHERE clause. So I have
not needed to reprogram the engine to get what I want ( in
php ).

Some one else will have to answer as to the practicalities
of this wish list item, though I can't see that there should
be a problem.

When new facilities are added, there are always a raft of
other items that can then be required. FB1.0 is finished,
and we can work within it's restrictions. I would question
if the effort required for some extensions is actually
'economic' given that there are usually other ways of
achieving the same result, but since people are prepared to
make their own improvements available to the project, the
difficulty will always be - when to stop adding and freeze a

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services