Subject Betreff: [ib-support] Longevity of firebird / Interbase
Author Gerhard Knapp
Hi Mark,

i worked with MS-SQL, with RDB and with Informix in production,
on WindowsNT, OpenVMS and SINIX (Unix from Siemens),
and Oracle on WindowsNT ..
and since 5 years i work with Interbase and now with Firebird ....

So i can say, i have a little experience with databases ...
on WindowsNT, WindosXP prof. and RedHead Unix do all what i ever want!

I have customers in the newspaper-industry, and have 10 databases
with 1 GB and more in production, every day, on different places in
I don't need an Oracle-Administrator in the locations, or such one ...

My reasons for Firebird are:

- very stable
- no problems with backup/restore (no logfiles !!!!)
- no timeouts of production: i lost not one minute in worktime!!!
- no licence-fees,
- good performance
- Interbase, now Firebird exists since 10 years or so
and if US-Army, and US-Banks use Interbase, then it could
not be a bad product
critic is also allowed:
- bad marketing, yes, at first from Borland itself, who knows Interbase?
who knows Firebird?, your consulanat? I think no, he knows MS-SQL and
I am sure. I had the same problems in other organisations, nobody knows
from the managers (Firebird is totaly unknown here),
but they heared a lot of Microsoft SQLServer, and of course from
Oracle ...
BUT I HAVE A HOPE, think about: LINUX, mySQL, PHP, and many other software,
i hope Firebird will be also one great in this Opensource-world ...
- bad documentation ...
i will not say, there are no costs, i have costs in using time, for
watching newsgroups, trying settings, etc., finding notes and commentars,
but this has historical reasons and is "also housemade by Borland" i will
say ..
But compared with Delphi its a very good thing, for developing best
applications in Client/Server.
- and sometimes i am a little upset, about some things in the
newsgroups, like "do we need a registry-entry for Firebird?"
since Firebird 1.0 such registry entry exists, three is no need for a
discussion about it,
"with Firebird 2.0 we give up dialect 1", this ppl don't know
what this could be a problem for megabytes of sourcecode ...
-- i hope the "thinking" ppl will have the power do make Firebird as an
stable longlive alternative database for 10,000ts of serious commercial
developers around the world,
and not only for some freeks.

At least, there are negative aspects and positive aspects, BUT THE POSITIVE

best regards
CIO of Clientel Telemarketing GmbH, Austria

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