Subject Strange behavior of Firebird on WIN98
Author Krzysztof Dyczkowski
We have observed a strange behaviour of Firebird 1.0 concerning transactions
and stored procedures. The behaviour occurs only when using Firebird on
98 (when installed on Linux everything works fine).

MS Windows 98 SE
Firebird WI-V6.2.794 (1.0)

MS Windows 98 SE (the same host as server or another one - the problem
in both cases)
Delphi4 + IBO 4.0H

The client application opens a transaction (using StartTransaction from
TIBODatabase component). From within the transaction it updates a table (say
and immediatelly commits the transaction. Just after that, a stored
is executed (using TIB_StoredProc component), which operates on table T
(delete/insert sequences). After running this code a few times, we get index
page errors on table T (on some indices of T).
The problem doesn't occur if we execute the query without transaction, but
still occurs when we include the stored procedure execution in the

We managed to isolate the piece of code causing the error, so if anyone
be interested in helping us, we can send an example database and client app,
which produces the errors.

It is surprising to us that a certain behaviour of the client application
damage the gdb internal structure (index pages).

We would be extremely grateful for any help or hints as this irrational
behaviour causes much trouble.

thank you all in advance

Krzysztof Dyczkowski