Subject Re: [ib-support] is there a switch to start isql with active arrow keys?
Author Paul Reeves
sibusiso xolo wrote:

> Question: Is there a switch to start isql so that the arrow keys are
> useful?

No - not in v1.0. This will change with v1.5

> At the moment there is no line editing whatsoever each line has to
> be typed anew.

This is not true and has never been true.

First, you need to set the $EDITOR variable for your environment - I
prefer pico, lots of people are happy with the system default (vi, I
think? Eurgh!).

Then, in ISQL you just type 'edit;' and the last command is loaded into
the editor. Do what you want with it and when you save and exit the
editor the buffer is passed the new string and it is executed by ISQL.

In many ways this is better than command line history as editing a
multi-line statement using the up/down arrow keys is pretty confusing.


Paul Reeves
Supporting users of Firebird and InterBase