Subject Re: TIBUpdateSQL ?
Author julien_ferraro
I don't really know. I was guessing this because there is no
CommitUpdate Method for TIBQuery like TQuery has.

BTW, I have an other little question

With TQuery I was doing


And Now I'm Doing


I don't like really to do CommitRetaining. I was thinking first that
a simple commit will do it. But I had an error "Transaction already
exists" or something like this, when I tried to do
MyIBTransaction.StartTransaction even if it was the first call to
this Method in my application. I thought that, like in IBAccess, you
have to open a transaction just to read datas. Is it true ? Is my
code with IBquery and IBDatabase correct ?

Thank you


PS : I know this is not a Delphi group. But I thought that Firebird
Pro's can help me more about those Firebird tricks :)

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> Why is this? Is there something Firebird does/does not like about
> updates and the use of IBQuery and IBUpdateSQL components?
> Alan
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> This is more a Delphi specific question, even though on the
> groups,
> as soon as you mention Firebird they will direct you here. You
can either
> go
> to using ClientDatasets or TIBDatasets or IBO. Using TIBQuery
should be
> reserved for non-interactive updating of data and displaying,
not editing.
> Woody (TMW)
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> Subject: [ib-support] TIBUpdateSQL ?
> Hello,
> I'm still porting a Delphi application from Access to Firebird. I
> understood that CachedUpdates are not the right way to use
> Is it false ? Or do I have to replace all my TIBUpdateSQL with
> TQuery doing the same action ?
> It's not a pb if I have to change this. I just want to do the
> thing for Firebird :)
> Thank you
> Julien