Subject interclient test connection error
Author Carlos Kennerley
Hi all,

I have installed Firebird ver 1, and downloaded the Interclient (IC), as I
thought it was an Admin tool, anyway I am getting the following from the IC
Dia Con exe, when connecting to the employee.gdb on local host. I have set
the CLASSPATH to point to all the IC .jar files. I also have java sdk
1.4.0_01 installed on Win 2k PRO machine. I get the following error:
InterClient Release: 2.0.1 Test Build, Client/Server Edition
InterClient compatible JRE versions: 1.3
InterClient compatible IB versions: 5, 6
InterClient driver name: interbase.interclient.Driver
InterClient JDBC protocol: jdbc:interbase:
InterClient JDBC protocol version: 20001
InterClient expiration date: no expiration date
Testing database URL jdbc:interbase://localhost/c:/program

***** Error or Exception Occurred ***** access denied
***** Installation problem detected! *****

Reading some of the posts here it seems from the error above IC is using the
wrong URL type?
Basically I am trying to set up Firebird so I can learn JDBC from the wrox
java databases book.
Do I need interclient? is it a JDBC driver?
DO I need JCA/JDBC driver? This is what I was going to use!
can connect to the DB using IBAccess - this is what I thought InterClient