Subject Case sensisitive table and field names
Author grimcomp
Does Firebird support Mixedcase Table and Field names in SQL Statements without using delimiters. I have created a Dialec 3 Database with a Table called IOPorts with fields PortAddr, CurValue, OldValue, Etc all in mixed case.

If I do a select on this table it fails with Table IOBoards not found, If I delimit 'IOBoards' it works. This seems like strange behaviour to me.

I want to convert my existing applications running against Sybase Anywhere to Firebird but this problem means that I would have to change ALL my SQL queries. I know I could get around the problem by converting all the table and field names to upper-case but I don't like that naming style.

I'm not up on SQL standards but my unstanding was that only reserved words or names containing spaces needed to be delimited with ". I have not used any other SQL database that required Uppercase Table and Field names to work properly.

If this capability is not supported at the moment will it be in the future.

I think that you guy's are doing a great job and I hope to be able to use Firebird with my applications.

Many thanks