Subject ib-support] Slow connection - last tests
Author Gerhard Knapp

now i tried following:
on a fresh system, NT40. sp6, and new installed Firebird 1.0:
only create a databse without data (little one)
db, user= XUSER, password= errt54, 8192, WIN1252

try to connect local:
connection-time: 12 seconds ..
(the same connection-time on XP prof.)

its definitly not:
- the network
- the server
- a corrupt db
- wrong parameters
- DNS, with wrong reverse lookup
- etc.

On another server i have a db, that connects in one second ....
i see no difference between the fast-connect-db and the slow-connect-db ...
I don't know why this happes, i have no idea now ..

if you have an idea, pleas let me know ...

many thanks

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