Subject Why gbak hangs without G option ? (back to old problem)
Author Bogusław Brandys

This problem was mentioned ealier this year.
I have big database (over 2GB) with only one simple table running on Win XP
Home ,Firebird 1.0 server WI-V6.2.794 version of gbak. Database is OK
verified with gfix -validate.

create table programs(
id smallint,
program varchar(30),
description varchar(50),
size varchar(10),
cathegory varchar(10));

populated with almost the same data in each record (about 20 records are

backup this database without G option like :
gbak -b -t -v d:\test.fdb d:\test.bak

hangs gbak about 800000 row and server memory usage grows to 125 MB.
but when using :
gbak -b -t -v -g d:\test.fdb d:\test.bak

all works fine.

I know that such database is something unusual in normal production but I'm
surprised becouse I didn't deleted any single record so garbage collection
would not be important in that case.
I'm wondering what about production database that's why these so these

1 . Can this happen in good performed production database just becouse is
huge ?
2 . Is it a bug or just becouse database is bad constructed ?
3. How reliable gbak is ? Is there a procedure to test if backup is reliable
some of course different that just restore (this is too time consuming)
4.Which are the advantages gbak has over simple SQL copy data and metadata ?
(I saw "dump" or "copy" method in other databases which use simple ,plain
text to backup database metadata and data (through select * from TABLE or
copy TABLE to filename).)
5 .And the last (a little off topic) question about gbak : why backup is
"compressed" ? I don't see any compression in backup files ,I can even
compress them with rar or zip to very small sizes.

Best Regards
Bogusław Brandys