Subject IB6 on RedHat 7.3
Author Darin Bawden
Good morning everyone,
First, let me apologize for the length of this email. Since I've never
asked a question on the list, I want to try to get all the detail that I can
into the email (plus, since I am in no way, shape or form, an SQL expert I
don't want to sound like a complete boob...just a partial boob).
Anyway, here's my issue(s). I have RedHat 7.3 installed on a Compaq
server. I have Interbase 6 installed with ncurses3 and ncurses 4 installed.
have a script called ibserver located in /etc/init.d and have symlinked to
the /rc.d/rc3.d directory, then rebooted the computer.
The server starts up just fine. I can register the server with IBConsole
and/or IB Expert. However, when I try to open a database, the program(s)
tell me they can not find the file/folder. The folder and file are both
shared through Samba, with all the permissions available. I've edited the
Hosts.equiv file to add ibserver, and the servers hostname to it. I've
edited the hosts.allow and added "ADD: LOCAL". However, none of this works.
I've tried the connection tools from the above programs. The port 21 and
ftp tests fail. The 3050, gds_db and ping tests all succeed. The Netbeui
test fails, though. According to the /etc/services file, port 20 and 21 are
listed for both TCP and UDP. port 3050 is listed for TCP. I have tried for
3 days now to get it to work, but I can't. The frustrating part is this has
worked a number of times before. In the past, all I had to do was install
ncurses4 and the InterbaseSS_LI rpm's and use the Ibserver script. I just
don't understand this.
I would greatly appreciate any assistance/help anyone can offer!

Thanks :)

Darin Bawden
TeamDME! Technical Support