Subject RE: [ib-support] Data Caching in IB
Author Alan McDonald
why do you want to defeat it? It sounds like you think you're getting a
wrong answer back and that's not the way it works. All you'll succeed in
doing is dramatically reducing performance. If there's a suspicion that your
datasets are not as they should be, then you would be better off examining
your code
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From: Jack Cane [mailto:jwcane@...]
Sent: Friday, 23 August 2002 6:51
Subject: [ib-support] Data Caching in IB

Does anyone know if Interbase supports data caching, wherein data once
requested are placed in a cache for re-use in case the same data are
requested again.

I would like to know if (a) InterBase supports caching, and (b) if yes,
caching be defeated.



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